Student Alumni Association


The SAA was founded under the direction of the Rose-Hulman Alumni Association for the purpose of fostering lasting relationships between present and future alumni. Members of the SAA are actively involved in a number of activities that maintain a close link between students and alumni. The SAA strives to keep alumni in touch with campus life and works to make students aware of their potential roles as alumni. 

Interested in getting involved? You can be apart of the Student Alumni Association by filling out a short questionnaire.

Your future as a Rose-Hulman alum starts here! SAA General Membership Form
Jake Umsted

Noura Sleiman
Vice President

Anna Weber

Sam Geist

Kevin Becker

Ryan Benshoof 
JD Briones
Taelar Burris

Jimmy Dempsey

Kevin Dorn
Ian Fong

Salonee Gupta

Kyle Harjes

Ty Illovici 

Lena Kim

Karlee Koetje

Julia Kubisz 

Emily Latta 

Mitch Lozier 

Chris Lui 

Taylor Marconi 

Gary Newell

Alex Pohl

Gent Prelvukaj 

Daniel Reyna

Jaclyn Smith

Jacques St. Louis

Aaron Wilkinson