Honor Alumni Award

Recipients of the Honor Alumni Award are selected based on their (a) loyal, unselfish and meritorious service in furthering the interests of Rose-Hulman, (b) contributing to the national interest of our country, (c) professional achievement. Rose-Hulman honors four alumni with this honor each year. Recipients are recognized during Homecoming. Please note: The deadline to submit nominations for the 2014 Honor Alumni Awards is April 1, 2014.
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2013 Recipients


Upon graduation in 1972, Dave began his career as an electrical engineer with Packard Electric in Warren, Ohio, progressing through a number of assignments in the US and Europe.  In 1985, Dave was awarded a Sloan Fellowship at MIT where he earned his master’s degree in management.  In 1993 Dave became Managing Director of Delphi’s European Chassis business in France.  He was later named Managing Director for Packard Europe in Wuppertal, Germany.  In 2003, he returned to the US ultimately assuming the position of VP & Global Customer Executive for GM. Throughout his professional career, Dave has always been a supporter of Rose-Hulman and, along with fellow alumni Mike Thomas and Howard Freers, breathed new life into the Detroit Metro alumni network.   He was a key player in establishing the inaugural Rose Dream Cruise event in August 2012 and anchored the drive to create the Bill Sisson Sigma Nu endowed scholarship announced in 2012 and dedicated in March of 2013. Dave and his wife Debbie have been married for 38 years and have three adult children, Michael 28, Kelly 25 and Christopher 25.


Tim Cindric was named President of Penske Racing, Inc. in October of 1999.  As President, Cindric has overall management responsibility for Penske’s racing operations including teams currently competing in the NASCAR and IZOD IndyCar Series.

Cindric has overseen 70 IndyCar wins, including five Indianapolis 500 victories and three championships.  In addition, Cindric’s NASCAR successes include 20 Sprint Cup victories (including the 2008 Daytona 500), 30 Nationwide Series wins and the 2010 Nationwide title and the 2012 Sprint Cup championship. Tim also built Penske Racing’s American Le Mans Series Porsche program in 2005 that went on to collect 24 wins, including the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Prior to joining Penske Racing, Cindric was Team Manager for Team Rahal from 1992-1999 and he worked as interim general manager and design engineer for the TrueSports IndyCar team, after graduating from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. 

Cindric was inducted into the Rose-Hulman’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2001.  He has also been recognized as a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame’s prestigious Silver Anniversary team for his career at Pike High School in Indianapolis.  He was inducted into Pike High School’s Hall of Fame in 2010.

Cindric has also been awarded the inaugural Herb Porter Memorial and Tom Carnegie Memorial awards by the Indianapolis 500 Old Timer’s Club.  He also serves on the Governor’s North Carolina Motorsports Advisory Council.  He resides in Mooresville, N.C., with his wife, Megan, and two sons, Tanner and Austin.


After graduating from Rose in 1961, Bill spent 23 years with GE, primarily in the component manufacturing world starting in field sales and ultimately rising to the general management level.
His last two positions with GE were Vice President of the Refrigerator Business and Vice President and General Manager of the Component Motors and Control Business.

In 1985, Bill became President and COO, then CEO of the Barnes Group Inc., a Fortune 500 aerospace components company and in 1995, he became President and CEO of Augat Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of electrical and electronic components and systems.

Bill has served as a Director of five industrial companies, received an Honorary Doctorate from Rose in 1987 and served as a Rose-Hulman Board Trustee for 21 years, the last four as Chairman.

Bill has three grown children, eight grandchildren and live with my wife Stephanie in Terre Haute.


Erik N. Jansen is a founding partner of the Seattle financial advisory firm of Jansen, Remmers, Nichols & Bernier, Inc.  In this capacity he specializes in building high growth and technology-oriented companies in Internet appliances and software, semiconductor devices, medical and other consumer electronics-related products. Professionally, Jansen’s accomplishments have been many and diverse, including being a magnetic instrument designer, semiconductor marketing executive, technology investment banker, Wall Street securities and hedge fund analyst, computer scientist, startup founder, CEO, CFO, board member, venture capitalist, patent analyst and broker, commercial real estate portfolio manager and occasional university instructor. 

Jansen has served Rose-Hulman in a number of capacities over the years, including service on the Board of Trustees from 1997 to 2005, chair of the Board Audit Committee, Trustee for Development, Investment Admissions Committee for Rose-Hulman Ventures, and is currently the President of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Holding Corporation.  Jansen was the Commencement speaker at his alma mater in 2000 and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering in 2000.

Jansen is passionate about education issues and was elected to the National Board of Advisors for The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Indiana University, has served as an invited Mentor within The University of Washington’s Graduate School of Business and has been a member of the Finance Committee for the Alaska Conservation Foundation.  He actively supports many charities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alaska and the Puget Sound region.  Jansen also serves on the US Mint, Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) and helps select the artwork that goes on US coinage, bullion and honorary gold medals.

Jansen is an avid adventurer, skier, cyclist and outdoorsman and enjoys investing, travel, numismatics, photography, building tree houses and other carpentry projects. Jansen has three children, including twin 11 year old girls and a 13 year old son and lives on a floating house boat near Seattle.


Mike founded Automotive Insight in 2004 to bring new automotive consulting services to clients. Previously, he started SAIC’s Automotive practice after serving 30 years with Ford where he led powertrain globalization, Product Development and management initiatives. As Executive Director to USCAR, he directed Big Three research collaboration efforts with the government to develop fuel efficiency improvement technologies. Recently, Automotive Insight has begun services in China, focusing on Strategy, Technology, Engineering, Supplier Development and M&A consulting. 

Honor Alumni Award Recipients


Arthur M. Hood, '93 *


Oscar G. Baur, '87
Robert L. McCormick, '91 *


Carl Wischmeyer, '06


WilburB. Shook, '11
Walton L. Woody, '14


Ruel Fox Burns, '15


Paul J. Grafe, '20


Herman A. Moench, '29
Orion L. Stock, '08


Richard F. Bergmann, '18


Everett E. Black, '11


Frederick M. Crapo, '19
J. A. Derry, '29
Donald McDaniel, '07 *
Robert Shattuck, '36
C. Chester Stock, '32


Ernest G. Hurst, '31


Leroy Wilson, '22 *
Frederick J. Bogardus, '32
Ralph W. Tapy, '26


John G. Appel, '41
Dr. Fujio Matsuda, '49
Alfred A. Yee, '48
E. Miles Griffith, '23 *


Anthony G. Blake, '31
Robert L. Mees, '31
H. Loren Thompson, '34
Fred W. Kingery, '16 *


Walter L. Osmer, '20
Gene A. Zwerner, '34
Carl R. Wischmeyer, '37
George W. Smith, '39 *


Russell E. Archer, '34
Darrell E. Criss, '43
Vernon E. Whitehouse, '40
John B. Peddle, '88


John M. Phelps, '33
G. Lee Berry, '28
Carl G. Planck, '10
Hal E. Wilkins, '06 *


Harold A. York, '28
Albert W. Lotze, Jr., '37
Fred W. Goetsch, Jr., '57
Sterling H. Pittman, '22 *


W. Roscoe Mclntosh, '25
Owen H. Meharg, '54
Ronald G. Reeves, '58
C. "Dolly" Gray, '13 *


Henry Y. Offutt, '22
John T. Newlin, '43
Clyde F. Willian, '52
John M. Rotz, '06 *


J. B. Wilson, '27
Carl E. Ehrenhardt, '30
Robert S. Kahn, '39
Joseph W. Anstead, '23 *


T. Wayne Kehoe, '28 *
Robert R Failing, '22
Richard A. Mullins, '40
Charles P. Huppert, '65


William R. Dedert, '22 *
Kenneth L. DeBlois, '22
Herbert A. McAninch, '34
Edward H. Eckerman, '38


Joseph A. Engelhard, '22 *
Paul H. Sawyers, '32
John C. Fenoglio, '59
Thomas T. Dinkel, '72


Ben G. Elliott, '10
Edward J. Hegarty, '15
Clay R Watson, '24
John E. Tonetti, '32


Thomas A. Duwelius, '47 *
J. Dunlap McNair, '33
Joe M. Valentine, '43
W. F. Johanningsmeier, '56


Edward A. Coons, '39
Maurice L. Piker, '30
William C. Waldbieser, '45
Alien J. Weinhardt, '23 *


Louis W. Heck, '35
William R. Kniptash, '43
Jack E. Schreiner, '61
Henry T. Nancrede, '29 *


Joseph A. Wellings, '68
David H. Badger, '53
Willis E. Rose, '47


C. Theodore Jaenke, '60
William F. Lisman, '24
James L. Schwartz, '54


Donald H. Greenfield, '33
Charles S. Meurer, '42
Brent E. Robertson, '62
Robert J. Schacht, '72


James E. Goddard, '28
Albert V. McEowen, '35
Wayne L Loving, '50
Douglas S. Winner, '74


Jack Foltz, '57
Dennis D. Fritz, '68
Arthur R. Nelson, '75
Raymond D. Summerlot, '50


Louis F. Kelley, '49
Raymond V. Frischkorn, '65
William A. Serban, '38


James Sherman, '55
E. Crone Knoy, '58
James H. Hanes, '44
Frederick W. Garry, '51 *


Alfred R. Schmidt, '49
Robert R Failing, Jr., '52
John A. Jacobi, '69
Malcolm C. Scott, '22 *


Russell C. Cox, '47 Dec.
Sherley W. Sample, '71
A. T."Tom" Merrill, '39
Paul E. Price, '43 Feb. *


Bradley R. Newman, '84
Joel R. Waldbieser, '60
Steven W. Wodicka, '68


William Schott, '74
James Tatooles, '55
Vernon Whitehouse, '72


Richard Conard, '70
Thomas R. Curry, '67
Richard A Neal, '77
David Whiteley, '78


Tom Butwin, '71
Nelson Havill, '49
Dale Helms, '67
Todd Royer, '80


Darrin Davidson, '86
Kevin Forbes, '85
James Gates, '61
Denis Radecki, '72


Fred Cartwright, '80
Morris Cleverley, '62
Max Goodwin, '63 *
Craig Stucky, '91


Don Dekker, '61
Gene Glass, '49
Roger Ward, '71
Bernie Vonderschmitt, '44


Jim Coles, '69
Ernest Davidson, '58
Bill Lindstaedt, '86
Greg Smith, '73


Winston Fowler, '71
David Maxwell, '91
Bill Perkins, '60
Matt Warstler, '93


J. Eric Dietz, '84
William Pine, '85
Robert Wilkins, '86


Greg Henneke, '75
Kelly Kozdras, '99
Major Joel Magsig, '94
Tom Merrill, '71


Robert Bright, '57
Jeff Burgan, '77
R. Jeffrey Keeler, '66
Jim Trueblood, '77


Jim Benzing, '77
Baron Gemmer, '85
Jerry Matthews, '77
Joe Witulski, '88


Richard Ditteon, '75
Greg Holler, '79
John Pfeifer, '81
Becky Smith, '99


John Chinn, '56
Jeff Gilbert, '85
Steve Meyer, '89
Anne Trobaugh, '03


Alison Bailey, '03
Eric Haenlein, '00
Patrick Noyes, '76
Chester Crow, '83


Erica Buxton, '02
Peter Kratz, '76
James Nordmeyer, '78
William Schindel, '69


David A. Burgner, '72 
Tim J. Cindric, '90 
William R. Fenoglio, '61 
Erik N. Jansen, '78
Michael D. Thomas, '64


* Awarded Posthumously