Honor Alumni Award

Recipients of the Honor Alumni Award are selected based on their (a) loyal, unselfish and meritorious service in furthering the interests of Rose-Hulman, (b) contributing to the national interest of our country, (c) professional achievement. Rose-Hulman honors four alumni with this honor each year. Recipients are recognized during Homecoming. Please note: The deadline to submit nominations for the 2015 Honor Alumni Awards is April 1, 2015.
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2014 Recipients

Jack Farr, 1975

Dr. Jack Farr has established himself as a leader in sports medicine and knee restoration. He practices at Indiana Orthopedics Hospital (OrthoIndy) in Indianapolis. In 1975, Jack received his undergraduate degree in Biological Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Biological Engineering in 1999. He earned his medical degree from Indiana University in 1979 and completed his Orthopedic Surgery Residency at Indiana University Medical Center in 1986.  Jack has a special focus on biologic knee restoration. He seeks to design patient specific treatment plans to optimize each patient's function and comfort.

To remain at the forefront of new technology for knee restoration, Jack continues his involvement in clinical trials that he began over 15 years ago as the Director of the OrthoIndy Cartilage Restoration Center of Indiana. In addition, he helps both with trial design and orthopedic industry product design and has received two patents.  His clinical research is the basis of more than 50 published clinical journal articles and 2 books. He has presented at numerous national and international meetings. In a distinguished career spanning more than 25 years, to aid in the continued growth of knowledge in this field, Jack teaches at national and international meetings and is the Director of the OrthoIndy Sports Medicine Fellowship program. No retirement on the horizon—yet.
During Jack’s time at Rose-Human as a student he was involved in the Student Government Association, Blue Key, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Nu and the football team.

Jack now lives in Bargersville, Indiana with his wife Sonya and his current hobbies now include reading, cooking, tracking and collecting autos, travel---and trying to keep up with his 3 grandchildren.

Michael Hatfield, 1984

Michael Hatfield is currently President of Cyan Inc., a publicly-traded technology company that helps service providers and other network operators around the world scale their networks, reduce their costs, and accelerate service delivery.Prior to Cyan Michael was founder and CEO of Calix, a publicly-traded communication systems company. Calix is a leading provider of high-speed access systems for communications service providers.

Prior to his time with Calix, Michael was co-founder and COO of Cerent, a leading provider of high-speed fiber-optics systems, which was acquired by Cisco for $7B. Michael's initial start-up success came as an early team member and vice-president of marketing for Advanced Fibre Communications. During his tenure, AFC went from start-up to a publicly-traded enterprise.
Michael has also served in management roles at DSC Communications and Ameritech. He has a BSEE in Electrical Engineering and Mathematical Economics from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and an MBA in Finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Mike also received an Honorary Doctor from Rose-Hulman in 2004, and currently serves on the Board of Trustees at Rose-Hulman.

During his time at Rose-Hulman as a student he was involved in Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi and Alpha Tau Omega. Mike and his wife Deborah have two daughter, Michelle and Jamie and reside in Sebastopol, California.

William Olah, 1974

William M. Olah, a 1974 graduate (with honors) from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a B.S. in biological engineering, and a minor in economics, has counseled business entities and their principals for over 35 years, both within Indiana and beyond. Particularly active in the area of small business mergers and acquisitions, Bill also has extensive experience in real estate development and leasing, zoning issues, tax abatements, and construction disputes. He has advised countless clients on all sorts of federal and state tax matters and has represented them before the full gamut of administrative agencies and courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States. Bill’s financial, trust, and tax planning acumen have gained him a reputation as one of the premier estate planners and probate attorneys in west central Indiana. 

While working as a production engineer for General Motors, in 1975 Bill enrolled in Marquette University’s MBA program, but entered law school later that year at the University of Arkansas.  In 1977, he was awarded his Juris Doctor, with honors.  Bill returned to his hometown in 1978, was admitted to the Indiana bar, and joined the Terre Haute law firm of Rosenfeld, Wolfe & Frey.  In 1985, he left Wolfe, Frey, Hunt & Olah  after purchasing a fruit importing/processing/wholesaling concern.  At Drake Produce, Inc. he tested all 3 areas of his education: bio engineering principles were brought to bear on bettering the commercial fruit ripening processes; business administration skills helped him successfully meet the challenges of making payroll each week; and his JD and experience as a legal practitioner enabled him to navigate through the myriad of regulatory and tax hurdles facing a small business.

Following his sale of that business to a Cincinnati purchaser, Olah joined the Terre Haute law firm of Wilkinson, Goeller, Modesitt, Wilkinson & Drummy, LLP –where he is now an equity partner and leads its Business Division.  Bill has served on the boards of directors of numerous business, civic, charitable and church organizations, including Rose-Hulman’s Board of Trustees. During his time at Rose-Hulman, Bill was involved in Student Government Association, Blue Key, Sigma Nu, columnist for The Thorn, and lettered 3 years for the Rose-Hulman Golf Team. Bill is married to Janet and has 2 children.  A granddaughter, born in March of this year, is now being monitored by Bill in an effort to determine “which RHIT engineering discipline is best suited for her strengths.”  

Al Shipp, 1978

A seasoned technology veteran, Al Shipp is currently the President and CEO of 3VR Video Intelligence Platform based in San Francisco, California. Al leads 3VR in providing transformative value by enabling organizations to search, mine and leverage video to bolster security, identify and mitigate fraud and better serve customers.
After graduating in 1978 from Rose-Hulman with his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, Al went on to do graduate studies at both Purdue University and the University of Kentucky. Al joined Delco Electronics (now Delphi) as a member of their Research & Development team in the IC Design Center in Kokomo, Indiana. Al then joined IBM in 1982 in their Office Products Division in Lexington, KY and was lead engineer in the Quietwriter Printer development.  In 1986, he moved into sales and ultimately in charge of IBM’s Software Western Region as Vice President.
In 1999, Al moved to BEA Systems running their worldwide sales organization and their largest development team.  From there, he joined Inktomi as Worldwide SVP of Field Operations and moved to President of Critical Path.  Al joined Apple (then Apple Computer) in 2004 as Vice President of the Enterprise Division and has been the President and CEO of 3VR since January of 2009.
During his time at Rose-Hulman as a student Al was involved in Alpha Tau Omega and tennis team. Al was also named as a Rose-Hulman Career Achievement Award recipient in 1998. Al, and his wife Julie have two daughters, Alison, who reside in Arlington, VA  and Leslie who resides in Dallas, Texas

Past Honor Alumni Award Recipients


Arthur M. Hood, '93 *


Oscar G. Baur, '87
Robert L. McCormick, '91 *


Carl Wischmeyer, '06


WilburB. Shook, '11
Walton L. Woody, '14


Ruel Fox Burns, '15


Paul J. Grafe, '20


Herman A. Moench, '29
Orion L. Stock, '08


Richard F. Bergmann, '18


Everett E. Black, '11


Frederick M. Crapo, '19
J. A. Derry, '29
Donald McDaniel, '07 *
Robert Shattuck, '36
C. Chester Stock, '32


Ernest G. Hurst, '31


Leroy Wilson, '22 *
Frederick J. Bogardus, '32
Ralph W. Tapy, '26


John G. Appel, '41
Dr. Fujio Matsuda, '49
Alfred A. Yee, '48
E. Miles Griffith, '23 *


Anthony G. Blake, '31
Robert L. Mees, '31
H. Loren Thompson, '34
Fred W. Kingery, '16 *


Walter L. Osmer, '20
Gene A. Zwerner, '34
Carl R. Wischmeyer, '37
George W. Smith, '39 *


Russell E. Archer, '34
Darrell E. Criss, '43
Vernon E. Whitehouse, '40
John B. Peddle, '88


John M. Phelps, '33
G. Lee Berry, '28
Carl G. Planck, '10
Hal E. Wilkins, '06 *


Harold A. York, '28
Albert W. Lotze, Jr., '37
Fred W. Goetsch, Jr., '57
Sterling H. Pittman, '22 *


W. Roscoe Mclntosh, '25
Owen H. Meharg, '54
Ronald G. Reeves, '58
C. "Dolly" Gray, '13 *


Henry Y. Offutt, '22
John T. Newlin, '43
Clyde F. Willian, '52
John M. Rotz, '06 *


J. B. Wilson, '27
Carl E. Ehrenhardt, '30
Robert S. Kahn, '39
Joseph W. Anstead, '23 *


T. Wayne Kehoe, '28 *
Robert R Failing, '22
Richard A. Mullins, '40
Charles P. Huppert, '65


William R. Dedert, '22 *
Kenneth L. DeBlois, '22
Herbert A. McAninch, '34
Edward H. Eckerman, '38


Joseph A. Engelhard, '22 *
Paul H. Sawyers, '32
John C. Fenoglio, '59
Thomas T. Dinkel, '72


Ben G. Elliott, '10
Edward J. Hegarty, '15
Clay R Watson, '24
John E. Tonetti, '32


Thomas A. Duwelius, '47 *
J. Dunlap McNair, '33
Joe M. Valentine, '43
W. F. Johanningsmeier, '56


Edward A. Coons, '39
Maurice L. Piker, '30
William C. Waldbieser, '45
Alien J. Weinhardt, '23 *


Louis W. Heck, '35
William R. Kniptash, '43
Jack E. Schreiner, '61
Henry T. Nancrede, '29 *


Joseph A. Wellings, '68
David H. Badger, '53
Willis E. Rose, '47


C. Theodore Jaenke, '60
William F. Lisman, '24
James L. Schwartz, '54


Donald H. Greenfield, '33
Charles S. Meurer, '42
Brent E. Robertson, '62
Robert J. Schacht, '72


James E. Goddard, '28
Albert V. McEowen, '35
Wayne L Loving, '50
Douglas S. Winner, '74


Jack Foltz, '57
Dennis D. Fritz, '68
Arthur R. Nelson, '75
Raymond D. Summerlot, '50


Louis F. Kelley, '49
Raymond V. Frischkorn, '65
William A. Serban, '38


James Sherman, '55
E. Crone Knoy, '58
James H. Hanes, '44
Frederick W. Garry, '51 *


Alfred R. Schmidt, '49
Robert R Failing, Jr., '52
John A. Jacobi, '69
Malcolm C. Scott, '22 *


Russell C. Cox, '47 Dec.
Sherley W. Sample, '71
A. T."Tom" Merrill, '39
Paul E. Price, '43 Feb. *


Bradley R. Newman, '84
Joel R. Waldbieser, '60
Steven W. Wodicka, '68


William Schott, '74
James Tatooles, '55
Vernon Whitehouse, '72


Richard Conard, '70
Thomas R. Curry, '67
Richard A Neal, '77
David Whiteley, '78


Tom Butwin, '71
Nelson Havill, '49
Dale Helms, '67
Todd Royer, '80


Darrin Davidson, '86
Kevin Forbes, '85
James Gates, '61
Denis Radecki, '72


Fred Cartwright, '80
Morris Cleverley, '62
Max Goodwin, '63 *
Craig Stucky, '91


Don Dekker, '61
Gene Glass, '49
Roger Ward, '71
Bernie Vonderschmitt, '44


Jim Coles, '69
Ernest Davidson, '58
Bill Lindstaedt, '86
Greg Smith, '73


Winston Fowler, '71
David Maxwell, '91
Bill Perkins, '60
Matt Warstler, '93


J. Eric Dietz, '84
William Pine, '85
Robert Wilkins, '86


Greg Henneke, '75
Kelly Kozdras, '99
Major Joel Magsig, '94
Tom Merrill, '71


Robert Bright, '57
Jeff Burgan, '77
R. Jeffrey Keeler, '66
Jim Trueblood, '77


Jim Benzing, '77
Baron Gemmer, '85
Jerry Matthews, '77
Joe Witulski, '88


Richard Ditteon, '75
Greg Holler, '79
John Pfeifer, '81
Becky Smith, '99


John Chinn, '56
Jeff Gilbert, '85
Steve Meyer, '89
Anne Trobaugh, '03


Alison Bailey, '03
Eric Haenlein, '00
Patrick Noyes, '76
Chester Crow, '83


Erica Buxton, '02
Peter Kratz, '76
James Nordmeyer, '78
William Schindel, '69


David A. Burgner, '72 
Tim J. Cindric, '90 
William R. Fenoglio, '61 
Erik N. Jansen, '78
Michael D. Thomas, '64


Jack Farr, '75
Michael Hatfield, '84
William Olah, '74
Allen Shipp, '78

* Awarded Posthumously