Honor Alumni Award

Recipients of the Honor Alumni Award are selected based on their (a) loyal, unselfish and meritorious service in furthering the interests of Rose-Hulman, (b) contributing to the national interest of our country, (c) professional achievement. Rose-Hulman honors four alumni with this honor each year. Recipients are recognized during Homecoming.

2015 Recipients

James R. Baumgardt, 1970


Jim Baumgardt is currently retired from Guidant Corporation. Prior to retirement, Jim was an executive at Eli Lilly and Company. In 1994, he was one of the founding officers of Guidant Corp and served as President of Guidant Sales Corp. After retirement he has served as President of the Guidant Foundation and as Chairman of both Suros Corp and Nico Corp boards. In addition, he has served on the boards of the Neochord Inc., Laserscope Corp, Rose-Hulman, Butler Business School, and Purdue Biomedical engineering. He was also a founding partner of Twilight Partners, an Indianapolis based venture capital firm.  He serves as a trustee of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, where he has also volunteered, and served as chairman of Rose-Hulman Ventures, a $55 million venture capital fund. He also supports the James R. Baumgardt Distinguished Speakers Series

Jim has a BS-Rose-Hulman institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering, MBA-Butler University, Business Administration and an Honorary Doctorate- Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Jim lives, with his wife Sharon, in Vero Beach, FL and Zionsville, IN. They have one son, Tyler, a daughter-in-law Trisha, and grandson Colton. 

Wesley Bolsen, 2000

Wes Bolsen leads global business development and public affairs for Cool Planet, a Google-backed renewable gasoline and Ag company, headquartered in Denver.  He has been the founder and CMO of Coskata, the CFO of ICM - the country’s leading corn ethanol design firm - and CMO of public company Codexis.  
He graduated from Rose-Hulman in 2000 and worked for McKinsey & Co. before receiving his MBA from Stanford in 2004.  In 2011 he was named the top CMO in the United States, and one of the 10 most influential people in bioenergy globally. 
His involvement with the institute includes speaking at Rose Ventures and in Entrepreneurship classes, investing time in the Rose-Hulman football program, spending a significant amount of time as a graduate brother of Phi Gamma Delta in mentoring current and past students, and is the youngest alumnus to put on a plaid jacket.

During his undergraduate years he was involved with Alpha Lambda Delta, Blue Key, Eta Kappa Nu, Inst. of Electrical & Electron, Pi Mu Epsilon, S.A.D.D. and Tau Beta Pi.
Bolsen is very involved in faith-based programs, both in his community and internationally. He became an ordained minister to perform his brother’s wedding. Bolsen and his wife Rebecca were married in 2012.

Eugene J. LeBoeuf, 1985

Eugene (Gene) J. LeBoeuf, Ph.D., P.E, BCEE, is Professor and Associate Department Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  LeBoeuf also is a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army Reserve, currently serving as the Deputy Commanding General for Operations for the 416th Theater Engineer Command in Darien, Illinois.  At Vanderbilt, LeBoeuf teaches and conducts research in environmental and water resources engineering where he has over 50 technical publications and four U.S. patents.  
LeBoeuf has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, an MS in industrial engineering and management science from Northwestern University, an MS in civil engineering from Stanford University, a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from The University of Michigan, and a Master of Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.
While a student at Rose-Hulman, LeBoeuf was involved in the American Society of Civil Engineers and Tau Beta Pi student organizations, U.S. Army ROTC, Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, and the cross country and track and field teams.  Gene and his wife, Teresa, reside in Franklin, Tennessee, and have two children, Lauren and Nathan.

Warren L. Mickens, 1977

Warren Mickens has over 30 years of industry experience. He was named Vice President-Operations for CenturyLink Business Service in January 2008. He directs a team that provides a broad range of support and service functions critical to their daily operations, including sales support, service delivery, process management, project management, information technology, credit, and collections. 

Before joining CenturyLink, Warren was vice president of services at Alcatel-Lucent in Lisle, Ill., and general program manager for Alcatel in Wellington, New Zealand. Prior to joining Alcatel, Warren served as vice president of network planning and engineering for AT&T/Ameritech, vice president of strategy and interconnection with SBC Telecom and vice president of operations for Ameritech Information Industry Services. Before his telecommunications career, Warren held executive positions with Cummins Engine Company & FMC.

Warren has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, MBA from Harvard Business School and an Honorary Doctorate from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Warren serves as a Board of Trustees member for the Institute. He is active in several Denver area non-profit organizations.

Warren resides in Lone Tree, CO and is married to Joyce (Moeller) Mickens. They are the proud parents of two sons, Jarrett & Justin who are engineering graduate students at the University of Illinois and Texas A&M.


Arthur M. Hood, '93 *


Oscar G. Baur, '87
Robert L. McCormick, '91 *


Carl Wischmeyer, '06


WilburB. Shook, '11
Walton L. Woody, '14


Ruel Fox Burns, '15


Paul J. Grafe, '20


Herman A. Moench, '29
Orion L. Stock, '08


Richard F. Bergmann, '18


Everett E. Black, '11


Frederick M. Crapo, '19
J. A. Derry, '29
Donald McDaniel, '07 *
Robert Shattuck, '36
C. Chester Stock, '32


Ernest G. Hurst, '31


Leroy Wilson, '22 *
Frederick J. Bogardus, '32
Ralph W. Tapy, '26


John G. Appel, '41
Dr. Fujio Matsuda, '49
Alfred A. Yee, '48
E. Miles Griffith, '23 *


Anthony G. Blake, '31
Robert L. Mees, '31
H. Loren Thompson, '34
Fred W. Kingery, '16 *


Walter L. Osmer, '20
Gene A. Zwerner, '34
Carl R. Wischmeyer, '37
George W. Smith, '39 *


Russell E. Archer, '34
Darrell E. Criss, '43
Vernon E. Whitehouse, '40
John B. Peddle, '88


John M. Phelps, '33
G. Lee Berry, '28
Carl G. Planck, '10
Hal E. Wilkins, '06 *


Harold A. York, '28
Albert W. Lotze, Jr., '37
Fred W. Goetsch, Jr., '57
Sterling H. Pittman, '22 *


W. Roscoe Mclntosh, '25
Owen H. Meharg, '54
Ronald G. Reeves, '58
C. "Dolly" Gray, '13 *


Henry Y. Offutt, '22
John T. Newlin, '43
Clyde F. Willian, '52
John M. Rotz, '06 *


J. B. Wilson, '27
Carl E. Ehrenhardt, '30
Robert S. Kahn, '39
Joseph W. Anstead, '23 *


T. Wayne Kehoe, '28 *
Robert R Failing, '22
Richard A. Mullins, '40
Charles P. Huppert, '65


William R. Dedert, '22 *
Kenneth L. DeBlois, '22
Herbert A. McAninch, '34
Edward H. Eckerman, '38


Joseph A. Engelhard, '22 *
Paul H. Sawyers, '32
John C. Fenoglio, '59
Thomas T. Dinkel, '72


Ben G. Elliott, '10
Edward J. Hegarty, '15
Clay R Watson, '24
John E. Tonetti, '32


Thomas A. Duwelius, '47 *
J. Dunlap McNair, '33
Joe M. Valentine, '43
W. F. Johanningsmeier, '56


Edward A. Coons, '39
Maurice L. Piker, '30
William C. Waldbieser, '45
Alien J. Weinhardt, '23 *


Louis W. Heck, '35
William R. Kniptash, '43
Jack E. Schreiner, '61
Henry T. Nancrede, '29 *


Joseph A. Wellings, '68
David H. Badger, '53
Willis E. Rose, '47


C. Theodore Jaenke, '60
William F. Lisman, '24
James L. Schwartz, '54


Donald H. Greenfield, '33
Charles S. Meurer, '42
Brent E. Robertson, '62
Robert J. Schacht, '72


James E. Goddard, '28
Albert V. McEowen, '35
Wayne L Loving, '50
Douglas S. Winner, '74


Jack Foltz, '57
Dennis D. Fritz, '68
Arthur R. Nelson, '75
Raymond D. Summerlot, '50


Louis F. Kelley, '49
Raymond V. Frischkorn, '65
William A. Serban, '38


James Sherman, '55
E. Crone Knoy, '58
James H. Hanes, '44
Frederick W. Garry, '51 *


Alfred R. Schmidt, '49
Robert R Failing, Jr., '52
John A. Jacobi, '69
Malcolm C. Scott, '22 *


Russell C. Cox, '47 Dec.
Sherley W. Sample, '71
A. T."Tom" Merrill, '39
Paul E. Price, '43 Feb. *


Bradley R. Newman, '84
Joel R. Waldbieser, '60
Steven W. Wodicka, '68


William Schott, '74
James Tatooles, '55
Vernon Whitehouse, '72


Richard Conard, '70
Thomas R. Curry, '67
Richard A Neal, '77
David Whiteley, '78


Tom Butwin, '71
Nelson Havill, '49
Dale Helms, '67
Todd Royer, '80


Darrin Davidson, '86
Kevin Forbes, '85
James Gates, '61
Denis Radecki, '72


Fred Cartwright, '80
Morris Cleverley, '62
Max Goodwin, '63 *
Craig Stucky, '91


Don Dekker, '61
Gene Glass, '49
Roger Ward, '71
Bernie Vonderschmitt, '44


Jim Coles, '69
Ernest Davidson, '58
Bill Lindstaedt, '86
Greg Smith, '73


Winston Fowler, '71
David Maxwell, '91
Bill Perkins, '60
Matt Warstler, '93


J. Eric Dietz, '84
William Pine, '85
Robert Wilkins, '86


Greg Henneke, '75
Kelly Kozdras, '99
Major Joel Magsig, '94
Tom Merrill, '71


Robert Bright, '57
Jeff Burgan, '77
R. Jeffrey Keeler, '66
Jim Trueblood, '77


Jim Benzing, '77
Baron Gemmer, '85
Jerry Matthews, '77
Joe Witulski, '88


Richard Ditteon, '75
Greg Holler, '79
John Pfeifer, '81
Becky Smith, '99


John Chinn, '56
Jeff Gilbert, '85
Steve Meyer, '89
Anne Trobaugh, '03


Alison Bailey, '03
Eric Haenlein, '00
Patrick Noyes, '76
Chester Crow, '83


Erica Buxton, '02
Peter Kratz, '76
James Nordmeyer, '78
William Schindel, '69


David A. Burgner, '72 
Tim J. Cindric, '90 
William R. Fenoglio, '61 
Erik N. Jansen, '78
Michael D. Thomas, '64


Jack Farr, '75
Michael Hatfield, '84
William Olah, '74
Allen Shipp, '78


James R. Baumgardt, '70
Wesley Bolsen, '00
Eugene J. LeBoeuf, '85
Warren L. Mickens, '77
* Awarded Posthumously