Honorary Alumni Award


Every year at Homecoming, the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Alumni Association awards two individuals the Honorary Alumni Award. These two individuals must display all of the outstanding qualities that Rose-Hulman graduates exhibit every day. One of these individuals must come from the ranks of the Rose-Hulman faculty, while the other must be a staff member.

2015 Recipients


Dr. Craig Downing
Head of the Department of Engineering Management and Associate Professor with tenure

Dr. Craig Downing has been a member of Rose-Hulman’s Engineering Management team since the winter of 2007. During his eight years of service he has been providing instruction on and off campus to traditional and non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students.  Students have come to appreciate his ability to communicate technical and managerial theory through contemporary applications in sports, industry, and our daily walks of life. Keeping a foot in industry and building strong networks with alumni fuels his ability to keep class activities fresh and relevant.  While this approach takes more time and energy, the return on investment is reflected in his course evaluations.  Outside of work Craig recharges by playing golf and spending time with his wife Carla and their youngest high-horsepowered, moto-driven son Dylan. They also have an adult son (Derien) as well as an energetic daughter-in-law (Lindsay) and two gorgeous grandkids Korben (5) and Marley (7 months).

The alumnae that nominated Craig stated the follow, “Dr. Downing's primary goal is to make sure his students are successful. He communicates well with students and he is able to relate to them on a personal level. His ultimate goal is to help students do well in his program and find a job that best fits them when they graduate. I feel like I can talk to him about anything related to school and my future career. I truly believe Dr. Downing exhibits the qualities of a Rose-Hulman graduate every day.”


Raymond Bland
Machinist/Technician in Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Biology and Biomedical Eng

Ray Bland has been a Rose-Hulman employee for over 15 years. During Ray’s 13 years with the Mechanical Engineering Department, he ran the ME stockrooms – giving him the opportunity to work and interact with many students He moved to the Biology & Biomedical Engineering department two years ago to work with Biomedical Engineering students on their senior design projects and to provide lab support for BE instrumentation courses. He uses his years of experience in industry to work even closer with the wonderful young men and women whom he has had the pleasure of getting to know. Ray has stated that he stands in awe of the students’ desire to learn in order to make life better for others. 

“I truly believe Ray exhibits the qualities of a Rose-Hulman graduate every day. He has been working here and serving the students and institution for many years.” says the alumnus who nominated Ray.  The alumnus shared that Ray is a great help to biomedical engineering students during their senior design experience. He works closely with groups in and out of the machine shop to help their projects be successful. Ray also loves working with students; he and his wife invite his students over for a cookout and games at their house in the spring – a celebration for the when their design projects are complete. 

Ray lives in Terre Haute with his wife Debbie. He has “three incredible children and four amazing grandsons”.


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