Career Achievement Award

Each year, Rose-Hulman honors alumni with the Career Achievement Award. Recipients of this award have graduated twenty years ago and are selected based on their achievements within their communities and respective professions. Honorees are recognized at the Student Honors and Awards Ceremony held in the spring. The award, formerly known as the Distinguished Young Alumni Award, was renamed in 2003.

2015 Recipients

Agnes Berzsenyi, 1995
Vice President and General Manager, GE Healthcare Services

Agnes Berzsenyi is the Vice President & General Manager, Global Product Management for GE Healthcare Services.  In this role, Agnes is responsible for driving the right investment decisions for the Service roadmap, optimizing the global portfolio of Service offerings, creating robust business cases for offerings, and focusing on regional growth in Core Service, Dose, Education, Support Services, and other strategic programs. Prior to joining GE Healthcare in 2003, Agnes held several positions within the Technical leadership Program at GE Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati, OH where she was involved with the CF6 Engine Project, Six Sigma and more. Agnes was also a member of the board of directors at the Florentine Opera Company and mentored women entrepreneurs in business at the Cherie Blair Foundation.

Brian Desharnais, 1995       
Vice President, Commonwealth Engineers, Inc.

Brian Desharnais, Ph.D., P.E. is a vice president at Commonwealth Engineers Inc., an environmental engineering consulting firm in Indiana. He has expertise in water and wastewater engineering including trenchless technologies, computer modeling, and hydraulics.  Formerly, Brian was an Associate Professor at Trine University. He is a graduate of Merrimack College, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and Northwestern University. Brian frequently speaks at conferences, sharing his experience for improving the water quality and environment that we live in. He has won awards in engineering ethics, environmental chemistry, and excellence in teaching.    

R. Michael Meneghini, 1995
Director of Joint Replacement, IU Health Saxony Hospital
Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine 

Upon graduation from Rose-Hulman, Michael attended IU School of Medicine and subsequently matriculated to a top-ranked Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program at Rush Medical Center in Chicago where he received multiple research awards in clinical and basic science. Michael then completed a fellowship in Lower Extremity Adult Reconstruction (“Joint Replacement”) at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where he was awarded the Mark Coventry Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship Award as the outstanding joint replacement fellow.  Michael was named one of the top 22 knee surgeons in North America in 2014 by Orthopedics This Week and one of the top 40 U.S. leaders in hip and knee replacement in 2013 by Orthopedics Today.        

Tim Sublette, 1995
President and CTO, 3DSIM, LLC

In 2014, Tim joined 3DSIM as President and CTO. 3DSIM is focused on simulation software for 3D printing. In the first year of operation, Tim helped close a $600K seed round and a $2m series A round. They have grown the business to 15 people and will release their first products in Q2 2015. After graduation, Tim worked as a software developer before starting his own consulting company, TerraFirma Software Design. He later joined a startup company called Aprimo where he was head of engineering for 12 1/2 years. He created a new business unit for Aprimo's existing on premise application and launched a multi-tenant, hosted, SaaS offering. Tim holds three patents for data related algorithms. He also participates in mission trips that focus on construction projects, teaching and mentoring. These trips have taken him to several places across the globe including the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Past Career Achievement Award Recipients


William D. Schindel, '69


Niles Noblitt, '73


Peter Doenges,'69
Glen Raque,'69
Ken Susnjara, '69


Bruce Cahill, '70
Gregory J. Dawe, '71
Paul L Wycoff, '66


Fred Clayton, '70
Richard Christman, '72


John Malmquist, '69
William Gurley, '70
Edward McDevitt, '68


David Poole, '69
Joseph Rodriguez, Jr., '71
Dennis Smith, '71
Charles M. Boesenberg, '70


W. K. "Ken" Burkhart, '69
Don M. Ings, '70
W. John Weinhardt, '72


Dennis C. Banks, '70
J. Q. Delap Jr., '70
Steven C. Goble, '71
Russell F. Sparks, '70


Michael A. Mussalleum, '74
Gregory M. Shutske, '71
Charles E. Sweeney, '72
D. Craig Winn, '73


Jerry W. Bissey, '72
David Burgner, '72
Mark M. Campbell, '72
Robert J. Marks II, '72
Mark T. Owens, '72


R. Scott Koehne, '73
Dan Price, '75
David L. Robinson, '73


James K. Gilman, '74
L. Michael Mueller, '75
Dennis J. Paustenbach, '74
Douglas S. Winner, '74


Mark D. Pierce, '75
Steve A. Eisenbrown, '76
Warren L. Mickens, '77
Michael L. Patrick, '75


Michael R. Gambrell, '76
Brad C. Hunt, '76
David S. Jones, '77
Brian D. McCarty, '76


Rob Banerjee, '78
Michael Huff, '78
Jerry Matthews, '77
Richard Stanley, '78


Joseph Doner, '78
Dennis Grannan, '79
Erik Jansen, '78
Jeffrey McCreary, '79
Allen Shipp, '78
Earl Stalter, '79


Steve Darbin, '79
Steve Gillman, '79
Jim Huston, '80
Doug Stearley, '79


Joe Haniford, '80
Tim Jackson, '79
Chuck Sigman, '80
Donald J.Umpleby, '80
Eric Viscito, '80


David Boodt, '81
David Hannum, '81
Steve H. Jenison, '81
Steve Kennedy, '81


Larry Alldredge, '82
Curt Bilby, '81
Ben Brian, '82
Eric Mooney, '82


Andy Meyer, '83
Steve Nowak, '83
Jeff Trang, '83
Ralph Wagle, '83


Mickey Hines, '84
Joe Kunkel, '84
Gregg Lowe, '84
William Martini, '84


Mark Federle, '85
Jeff Gilbert, '85
Morgan Tharp, '85
Thomas VanderLaan, '85


Richard Correll '86
David Lakey, M.D. '86
Steven Maier '86
Robert Nordyke '86


John Lueken ’87
Darin Moody ’87
Michael Radomsky ’87
Gregory J. Smith ’87


Doug Ankney, '88
Andy Williams, '88
Nathan Wright, '88


Evan Kokoska, '89
David J. Reynolds, '89
Floyd M. Yager, '89
Brenton C. Young, '89


Brian Runkle, '90
Barry Schneider, '90
Michael Hoffa, '90


Todd Brown, '91
Michael Crist, '91
Joseph Matthews, '91


Jason Karlen ’92
Christopher Lanker '92
Kenneth Koziol '92
Jack Mayo '92


Steven Bakota '93
Jeffrey Haggerty '93
Jeff Papa '93


Greg Hubbard '94
David Olivencia '94
Scott Slisher '94
Todd Wilkerson '94


Agnes Berzsenyi '95
Brian Desharnais '95
R. Michael Meneghini '95
Tim Sublette '95