Career Achievement Award

Each year, Rose-Hulman honors alumni with the Career Achievement Award. Recipients of this award have graduated twenty years ago and are selected based on their achievements within their communities and respective professions. Honorees are recognized at the Student Honors and Awards Ceremony held in the spring. The award, formerly known as the Distinguished Young Alumni Award, was renamed in 2003.

2016 Recipients

Reinhard Koenig, 1996
Chief of Staff, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)

Colonel Reinhard Koenig, PE serves as the Chief of Staff for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works. As such, he implements the plans, policies, and priorities of the Assistant Secretary while executing oversight of the Civil Works Program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). This national program with an annual budget of $5 billion includes navigation, flood risk management, environmental restoration and other business lines. Previously, he served as the Commander of the Alaska District, USACE where he led a 500 member team that executed $1.5 billion in construction and environmental remediation throughout Alaska and Asia. Other assignments have taken him to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Korea, Germany and numerous postings throughout the United States.

David Orr, 1996       
Principal, Tsuracor, LLC

David Orr is the Founder and Principal of Tsuracor, a medical device consultancy and technology development firm. He previously co-founded and served as COO of Kiyatec, a provider of biopharma preclinical testing services and developer of clinical cancer diagnostics. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, David held roles in R&D, operations and financial management with Cook Medical, Ingersoll-Rand, and Dwyer Instruments. David earned a MBA from Purdue University, a PhD in Bioengineering from Clemson University, has co-authored numerous abstracts, two book chapters and inventor on 19 issued patents relating to medical devices, regenerate medicine and diagnostics. He serves as adjunct professor at Clemson teaching courses in entrepreneurship and innovation management. 

Tony Ragucci, 1996
Founder & CEO, Pericept

Tony Ragucci, Ph.D. is Founder and CEO of Pericept, Inc., leveraging clients' mobile sensing and computing infrastructure for augmented perception. Previously CTO for Lynntech and Chief Technologist for Cyber-Physical Systems, he won over $21M from NASA, NIH, DoD, DHS, and others for EO/IR embedded instrumentation R&D. Tony invented measurement and detection techniques such as hyperspectral polarimetry, high-speed multispectral ophthalmic fundus imaging, and cued thermal anomaly detection for airborne maritime search. He earned physics/mathematics degrees from Rose-Hulman, Penn State, and Ohio State.       

Jeff Ready, 1996
Founder and CEO, Scale Computing

Jeff Ready, Founder and CEO of Scale Computing, is a high tech serial entrepreneur. Jeff graduated from Rose-Hulman with a BS in Computer Science. After graduation, he founded THIS Internet, one of the first business-class ISPs in the Midwest.  In 1998 he founded Radiate, the first company to enable online advertising inside of apps.  In 2002 he founded Corvigo, an anti-spam and email security company based on AI technology, where work with neural networks earned him a patent for the development of Dynamic Message Filtering.  In 2008 he founded and today remains the CEO of Scale Computing, the leading provider of hyperconverged datacenter systems with a focus on midsize companies and distributed enterprises.  In addition, Jeff serves as board member for a variety of tech startups and non-profit organizations such as the National Federation of Independent Business, The Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation, SmartFile, and SteadyServ Technologies.

Past Career Achievement Award Recipients


William D. Schindel, '69


Niles Noblitt, '73


Peter Doenges,'69
Glen Raque,'69
Ken Susnjara, '69


Bruce Cahill, '70
Gregory J. Dawe, '71
Paul L Wycoff, '66


Fred Clayton, '70
Richard Christman, '72


John Malmquist, '69
William Gurley, '70
Edward McDevitt, '68


David Poole, '69
Joseph Rodriguez, Jr., '71
Dennis Smith, '71
Charles M. Boesenberg, '70


W. K. "Ken" Burkhart, '69
Don M. Ings, '70
W. John Weinhardt, '72


Dennis C. Banks, '70
J. Q. Delap Jr., '70
Steven C. Goble, '71
Russell F. Sparks, '70


Michael A. Mussalleum, '74
Gregory M. Shutske, '71
Charles E. Sweeney, '72
D. Craig Winn, '73


Jerry W. Bissey, '72
David Burgner, '72
Mark M. Campbell, '72
Robert J. Marks II, '72
Mark T. Owens, '72


R. Scott Koehne, '73
Dan Price, '75
David L. Robinson, '73


James K. Gilman, '74
L. Michael Mueller, '75
Dennis J. Paustenbach, '74
Douglas S. Winner, '74


Mark D. Pierce, '75
Steve A. Eisenbrown, '76
Warren L. Mickens, '77
Michael L. Patrick, '75


Michael R. Gambrell, '76
Brad C. Hunt, '76
David S. Jones, '77
Brian D. McCarty, '76


Rob Banerjee, '78
Michael Huff, '78
Jerry Matthews, '77
Richard Stanley, '78


Joseph Doner, '78
Dennis Grannan, '79
Erik Jansen, '78
Jeffrey McCreary, '79
Allen Shipp, '78
Earl Stalter, '79


Steve Darbin, '79
Steve Gillman, '79
Jim Huston, '80
Doug Stearley, '79


Joe Haniford, '80
Tim Jackson, '79
Chuck Sigman, '80
Donald J.Umpleby, '80
Eric Viscito, '80


David Boodt, '81
David Hannum, '81
Steve H. Jenison, '81
Steve Kennedy, '81


Larry Alldredge, '82
Curt Bilby, '81
Ben Brian, '82
Eric Mooney, '82


Andy Meyer, '83
Steve Nowak, '83
Jeff Trang, '83
Ralph Wagle, '83


Mickey Hines, '84
Joe Kunkel, '84
Gregg Lowe, '84
William Martini, '84


Mark Federle, '85
Jeff Gilbert, '85
Morgan Tharp, '85
Thomas VanderLaan, '85


Richard Correll '86
David Lakey, M.D. '86
Steven Maier '86
Robert Nordyke '86


John Lueken ’87
Darin Moody ’87
Michael Radomsky ’87
Gregory J. Smith ’87


Doug Ankney, '88
Andy Williams, '88
Nathan Wright, '88


Evan Kokoska, '89
David J. Reynolds, '89
Floyd M. Yager, '89
Brenton C. Young, '89


Brian Runkle, '90
Barry Schneider, '90
Michael Hoffa, '90


Todd Brown, '91
Michael Crist, '91
Joseph Matthews, '91


Jason Karlen ’92
Christopher Lanker '92
Kenneth Koziol '92
Jack Mayo '92


Steven Bakota '93
Jeffrey Haggerty '93
Jeff Papa '93


Greg Hubbard '94
David Olivencia '94
Scott Slisher '94
Todd Wilkerson '94


Agnes Berzsenyi '95
Brian Desharnais '95
R. Michael Meneghini '95
Tim Sublette '95


Reinhard Koenig '96
David Orr '96
Tony Ragucci '96
Jeff Ready '96